Abu Ambassadeur For Sale

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Abu Ambassadeur 6500c Black

Abu Ambassadeur 6500c Black For Sale

Condition Used. I Have Listed This Reel As Used But Cannot Find Any Evidence Of It Being Used. It Will Be Very Hard To Find Another One Of These Black Rare Reels In This A1 Condition. See Photos For Details.
Sold by 981438 in Furnissdale...


Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 2600 Made In Sweeden Rare

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 2600 Made In Sweeden Rare For Sale

made ambassadeur garcia in 2600 sweeden rare abu. This is a fully functional ABU Garcia 2600. I am sure it could tell some good stories about the battles it has endured The push button release in the center of the handle works like it should. The line guide and...